Landscaping Services

We are truly superior landscapers in Atlanta, providing a multitude of landscaping services and materials. We have spent many years in this business and we maintain a staff of hardworking, detail-oriented people, that are ready to meet all of your landscaping needs, whatever they might be.

Services we provide:

  • Softscapes – From the largest tree, to the most delicate flower, Boak Landscaping can help make your yard look great, all year around. Some of the services we provide include plant selection and container compositions. We will dig in the dirt for you. From planting mature trees to small seedlings, we will plant them, water them and maintain them for you. We do horticultural consultations to make sure what goes in your yard will work for the conditions – weather and sun – everything they will need to grow and thrive.
  • Maintenance – Although it’s not glamorous, we don’t shy away from the necessary upkeep of your yard. We know all too well the importance of plant care. Maintenance includes anything from regularly  scheduled maintenance to full time turf care. Make sure to call us to check out our service area and see if we can help you with your lawn care.
  • Hardscapes – Nothing says class and comfort in your yard like a charming walkway or a quaint little waterfall. If you can imagine it, the staff at Boak Landscaping, Inc. can build it. And not just waterfalls and walkways. Look to us for pool installation, patios and driveways and retaining walls and fences. We want to make sure all the surfaces, grasses and ornamental features of your lawn work together and fit your home’s personality.
  • Irrigation and Drainage – Just like people, sometimes your yard needs to be ‘cured’ of its ailments. Whether it seems to be drowning or dying of thirst, we can nurse your yard back to health. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of watering your yard, sometimes irrigation and erosion control is needed – we can help you there too.

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